Healthy Plates

What Does a Healthy Plate Look Like

A good guide is

healthy plate







  • thplate veggiesink rainbows – orange, yellow, red, blue, green vegetables and fruit
  • always try to include a leafy green
  • french fries are NOT a vegetable







  • fish, poultry, beans, nuts
  • limit red meat to once a week
  • avoid processed meats which can contain carcinogenic substances
  • explore alternative protein sources like beans and legumes




  • plate whole grainswhole grain bread, brown rice or pasta, quinoa, millet, buckwheat, bulgar wheat
  • limit refined rice and pasta
  • this part of the plate could also be starchy vegetables like potato, sweet potato, yam once or twice a week





  • add a small daily serving of healthy fats like olive oil, flax seeds, hemp seed
  • add 1-2 daily servings of dairy or dairy alternative