Replacing Fat with Applesauce in Baking

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You can trim fat and calories in baking by replacing vegetable oil with applesauce.

What is it?

Applesauce is a purée of apples.  It comes unsweetened or sweetened but the unsweetened applesauce is a healthier choice, especially if your recipe contains other sweet items like dates, maple syrup or agave syrup.


A 4oz serving of unsweetened applesauce contains 1g of fibre, 2mg of vitamin C and no fat.  Sweetened applesauce has more calories and .5g of fat.  Always read the label of your applesauce carefully to ensure high fructose corn syrup has not been added.  Your best option is organic, unsweetened applesauce.

Vegetable oil contains much more fat than applesauce – 1tbsp contains 13.6g of fat.


Replacing vegetable oil with applesauce is helpful for diabetics who should be eating a low fat diet and limiting the polyunsaturated fats found in vegetable oils.

Because applesauce does not have a strong taste or colour it will not change the product you are baking in any noticeable manner.

How to Use

Recipes best suited for replacing oil with applesauce are quick breads, muffins and other moist, cake-like baked good.  These can be made using applesauce without sacrificing taste.  Cookies are less successful as they require the addition of butter for both flavour and texture.

Substitute your applesauce for vegetable oil on a 1:1 basis – eg if the recipe calls for ½ cup of oil substitute ½ cup of applesauce.

You may add 2tbsp oil to the recipe if you wish – adding a small amount of oil back into the recipe will improve the texture of the item – experiment with what works for you.

When adding liquid ingredients to dry ingredients do not over-mix.  Reduced fat recipes have a tendency to become tough when baked if they have been over-mixed.  Goods baked with applesauce may be slightly moister and denser than original oil based recipes but bake until just done – a toothpick inserted near the centre of the product comes out clean.

Here are some yummy baked treats that use applesauce rather than fat.

Oatmeal Raisin Bar

Chocolate Brownie

Oatmeal Cookie

Pumpkin Spice Bar

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